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beloved soul healer wendy turner


Classes will be available in-person and online. 
Dates, times and pricing of classes will be announced soon!

Show your interest and get on the waiting list for classes now!

wendy beloved soul healer reflexology class


Learn the skills and art of Reflexology from someone who has over 30 years of experience in it!

Mini Session (1 Day)
Take this fun course to see if being a Reflexologist is something that  you would like to pursue.

LEVEL 1 (10 Weeks)

Non-Bodyworker Group:

Take this class if you would like to do Reflexology for a living, but have no experience in Bodywork.

Bodyworker Group:
Take this class if you would like to do Reflexology for a living and have previous experience in Bodywork.

LEVEL 2 (Advanced)
This class is offered to all of those who have taken Level 1 Reflexology with Wendy.  This is an advanced class to deepen your knowledge and practice.

wendy beloved soul healer face reading class


This class will teach you Face Reading for Personality, Destiny and Health.  

Mini Session (1 Day)
For true beginners, for fun, and for those interested in seeing if they want to learn more.

Regular Course (10 Weeks)
For a more in-depth and professional study. You do NOT need to take the mini session as a pre-requisite for this.

wendy beloved soul healer palm reading class


Learn the art of analyzing the physical features of the hands to interpret personality characteristics and predict future happenings. 
This class lasts 1-2 days.

wendy beloved soul healer alchemy class


This class will explore the knowledge of the natural laws of the universe and their esoteric equivalents. Learn how to free your spiritual self from your fears, limiting belief systems, and lack of self-acceptance.

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