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Wendy is an accomplished Energy Worker.  All energy work can be performed in person or long distance.  She frequently conducts sessions via Skype.  


She offers the following Energy therapies:

Beloved Soul Healing which is described above.


Reiki is an ever-popular hands-on energy therapy from Japan, and Wendy has practiced this for over twenty years. Reiki can relieve pain, calm the nervous system, and restore equilibrium to your system.  It is the band-aid that allows the healing to begin.


Seichim hails from Tibet and is extremely useful for shielding unwanted energies and emotions from outside yourself.  It will assist in bringing in more positive thoughts and feelings form the world.  


DNA Coding is essentially the reprogramming of your DNA.  If all of space and time are seen as a grid from our 3-dimensional perspective, and if all of life is a frequency that manifests as a picture to our 3-dimensional eyes, then this goes behind the scenes to reprogram or re-code the frequency at the dot of space and time that is you. 

This can completely restructure your life force and redirect your DNA. 

It is very helpful with mystery illnesses or “big” illnesses, money issues, clarity about your life, and God consciousness.




Office located in Northglenn, Colorado

(I-25 / 120th Ave)

Tel: 970-309-1061
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