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Tissue Talking


All cells in your body have consciousness, just like people on the planet Earth.  Once they are shown the bigger picture, they can all work in concert with one and another to support your body as a whole. 

Tissue talking helps the body to make the shifts it needs to make. 

Perhaps you have a ligament attachment that needs to move, or a broken foot that is not healing as quickly as it should. 

Maybe your immune system is imbalanced, or you have a gene mutation. 

Wendy can have a discussion with the individually pertinent areas of the body and help them to act in a manner that is more supportive your entire being.



Foot, Face, and Palm Reading


Folks come from far and wide to have their feet read by Wendy.  This is a delightful experience that leaves many astonished!  Health, wealth, ancestral patterns, and life archetype, all can be seen from the feet!

Wendy’s face reading for personality, health and destiny is astounding!  Bring her pictures of someone and she can describe that person like an old family friend.  Bring yourself and you will know all!


Palm reading is essential to know all of your capabilities, including your hidden talents and skills.  It is also worthwhile to know how compatible you are with your partner, coworker, and family members, where the pitfalls will be and how to get through them! 

This and so much more can be seen through a foot, face, and/or palm reading!  




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