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Grow Love & Joy

Expand Awareness

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Thrive in Every Way!


Wendy Turner has over 30 years experience as a holistic healer and is recognized as one of the best in the region and country.  Services include psychic readings, medical intuitive, reflexology, energy healing, non-surgical scar tissue removal, tissue talking, face reading, palm reading, foot reading and more. 

Wendy is a master reflexologist and is recognized as one of one of the best in the country. She offers certificate courses both in beginning and advanced reflexology. 


Private Sessions


The entire body is a map on the foot, right side up, upside down, and inside out. There are two points on each foot that correspond to points on the body, and when you work them in the correct order, in the correct direction, and with the correct pressure you can achieve phenomenal results in the body and....

Psychic Readings

Many types including: 

  • Answers to your questions

  • Past, future and in-between lives

  • Spirit guide conversations

  • Mediumship with deceased

  • Channeling

  • I can help find things

Beloved Soul Healing

A Beloved Soul Healing will help your soul to craft the life you are created for and are incarnated for, with grace and harmonious timing.  Let all the extraneous stuff fall away…..

In a Beloved Soul Healing, Wendy works with your masters, your spirit guides, and most importantly, your Soul, to clear you in every reality, realm, timeline, dimension, earth, world, planet, plane, universe, density, existence, frequency, and vibration. 

Energy Healing

Many types of energy work are available, including: 

  • Reiki    

  • Tibetan Siechem 


* most services available from a distance.

Medical Intuitive

These sessions have been reported as nothing less than life-changing and amazing! Wendy uses a practical and common sense approach that connects dots than haven’t yet been connected. Easy, inexpensive solutions can avert serious future dilemmas and help heal current ones.

Other Services

  • Non-surgical scar tissue removal

  • Tissue talking

  • Face reading

  • Palm reading

  • Foot reading

  • Nutritionist 

  • Supplement counseling


Professional Alchemical Reflexology Level 1

Earn about $40,000 in the first year.

This class in taught in two parts:

  • Beginning – $1200 

  • Advanced – $2000 


Next session begins late June/early July. Contact Wendy for scheduling or additional information.

Professional Face Reading

Learn to read faces for personality, health, and destiny. A great addition to your practice! Contact Wendy for dates.

Professional Palm Reading

Learn to read palms for personality, health, and destiny. A great addition to your healing practice!

Contact Wendy for dates.



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