House Clearing & Blessing

This service includes a full clearing of the house and its consciousness, the clearing of any and all things coming to and from the house (plumbing, cable, water, electrical, etc.) along with the roof, and air within and around the house. She also clears the land, its consciousness, and its last 1,000 years of history. Additionally, laylines, portals, vortexes and wormholes present in the area are cleared, closed (if necessary) and smoothed.

After the clearing, the property and all its components, as well as the house’s residents receive a blessing. The house blessing is of unconditional love as well as a raise in the consciousness (and vibration) of the property, house, and the individuals residing there. Then a protective field is placed around the house, property, and in each of the individual rooms.

  • Real estate agents sometimes use this to sell properties that won’t sell.
  • Families utilize this process to mend riffs and get along better.
  • Individuals ask for this to help their family sleep better and to have a greater sense of harmony within the home.
  • Homeowners use this to help the neighborhood to have more peace and harmony.
  • This can facilitate great love as well as financial success for the occupants of the house hold.

Love and success can be yours, have greater joy where you live, book now!

This service can be done virtually or in-person! If done virtually, Wendy will need a map of the place, can be roughly drawn, and the address.
Service typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half.

Virtually: $600

In-Person Prices Start at $900 & Vary By Location
Call Wendy for Pricing: 970-309-1061

Beloved Soul Healer