I have seen Wendy for almost 2 years now. I originally went to her for a medical intuitive session and she blew me away. She was able to tell me what was going on inside my body and suggested supplements to heal. Wendy is truly AMAZING and GIFTED. She has worked with 2 of my children as well. We have seen her for reflexology, beloved soul healing, and the medical intuitive. She is able to connect the dots for us and get us on our path. Wendy is the real deal and makes you feel safe and respected. She is worth it!

Stephanie Purdum

To call Wendy an intuitive or psychic doesn’t feel like it gives her enough credit for her remarkable capacities. I had a session with her (and continue to work with her), and she has been able to guide me through some health problems with invaluable suggestions. I’m amazed that she can have such lucid insight into another human beings experience. It’s as if she is the translator between my body and my brain, she can tell what it needs to heal. Wendy possesses a one of a kind all knowingness you won’t find anywhere else!!!!

Claire Brueckner

Wendy is a wonderful gifted Intuitive who has given me the gift of insight into my own behavior and habits that hold me back from living a full and meaningful life. I have been seeing Wendy for more than a year now for Reflexology and have also experienced Beloved Soul Healing as well as her vast library of knowledge about supplements and other practices that have been extremely beneficial in my day to day life.
I look forward to each appointment with Wendy knowing that she will give me straight forward advice after listening to my feelings. Each visit is also like time spent with a cherished and thoughtful friend.
If you desire to move forward in your life I encourage you to make an appointment with Wendy and experience her gift for yourself.

Tammy Drumright

Wendy helped me through some of the toughest times and now I recommend her to all my friends without any hesitation. All her services are truly amazing.

Marianne Klein

I started seeing Wendy almost two years ago. I initially saw her for a Beloved Soul Healing a Medical Intuitive session, past life and psychic readings. Through the medical intuitive session, Wendy paired me up with some some supplements and vitamins to work on some health issues I had, and some that I could have had effect me in my future. Since then, I’ve been seeing Wendy more frequently for reflexology. She has been working on getting rid of bone spurs before they become a problem for me, and correcting a place in my foot I’ve broken it twice. She’s also been working on my feet and knees because of my improper form when running and weight lifting. I highly recommend Wendy Turner for everything that she does. She is the real deal when it comes to clairvoyance and healings. She is extremely knowledgeable on the body, vitamins, supplements, and ways to help and prevent illness and pain.

Jessica Robertson

Beloved Soul Healer