Amusement is one of the highest vibrating energies, so its good to have a lot of it in our lives! Check out these fun and informative programs that Wendy is involved in! 

Videos of Services

Learn the Benefits of the Aqua Chi Ionic Footbath

What Reflexology is and How it Can Help You

Wendy’s Interview

Get to know Wendy – Beloved Soul Healer – in her own words in this interview. Learn more about what she does in her practice, how she got there, and how she plans on expanding her amazing business.  


Wendy is so excited to be a regularly-occurring character on this funny and thought-provoking podcast. Her character, Pauline the Pleiadean, is introduced in the 5th episode.

Description: Zetor The Alien Communicates to Earthlings Ryan, Keith, And Friends In An Attempt To Bring Light, And Love to All Humanity But Not To Save Humanity, Earth or the Universe Because That’s Above His Pay Grade

Beloved Soul Healer