Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading with Wendy can be jaw dropping and inspiring at the same time. Wendy was born with psychic skills and has always enjoyed them. She serves with a sweet sincerity, and she is trustworthy. A reading with Wendy is truly delightful! She will bring serenity to your world. She works with you to strategize and make a plan to get the best in life for yourself, if needed she does this. Book now so you can know all!

In a Psychic Reading with Wendy you will:

  • Receive answers to any questions you have (i.e., relationships, money, career, disease, etc.) 
  • Learn and understand past lives and how they are affecting this life
  • Speak with the deceased
  • Communicate with your possessions, and property
  • Get to know your Spirit Guides
  • Have dreams interpreted
  • Gain insight from your Akashic Records
  • Have lost things located
  • Strategize for better life results
  • Get accurate timing on future events coming in
  • An extremely accurate description of an incoming life partner or coworker
  • And so much more…

Wendy is a natural channel and can work with entities who are of the highest and greatest good. Wendy is exceptionally good with timing and descriptions of incoming partners. Book now and know all today!

This service can be done virtually or in-person!

  • 50 minutes @ $200
  • 25 minutes @ $100 (Only available for returning clients)
Beloved Soul Healer