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Wendy Turner has over 35 years experience as a holistic healer and master reflexologist. She is recognized as one of the best in the region and the country.  People come from all over the world to be healed- mind, body, and spirit- through her.  Many have reported that they experienced miracles!


A Psychic Reading or Soul Healing with Wendy can be jaw dropping and inspiring at the same time.  Wendy was born with psychic skills and was blessed enough to channel the instructions for this pure light energy work. 

Wendy is also an experienced pet communicator.  Together, she works with the animal's "people" to figure out what is going on with the animal.  It is extremely fun to have Wendy communicate with your pet, and also extremely informative as Wendy can figure out the root of the pet's health issues and stressors and joys.  

Wendy lives with her husband and three dogs and works out of her home in Northglenn, Colorado.  She offers in-person and virtual appointments.

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