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Animal Services

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Animals Wendy
 works With

  • dogs

  • cats

  • hamsters

  • rats

  • rabbits

  • ponies

  • horses

  • cows

  • llamas

  • alpacas

  • aquarium fish

  • pond fish

  • ducks

  • geese

  • chickens

  • mules

  • donkeys

  • birds

  • and more...


All pets can be brought into Wendy's home (except for livestock).

Wendy can also communicate with your animal on a phone call or video call.  The pet doesn't even need to be in the room.  All you need to provide her with is a picture of the animal.

House Calls

Wendy will make house calls to the greater Denver area and surrounding agricultural areas.  Contact her to book  an appointment.


There will be an extra $100-$150 travel fee for house calls.

Loved Ones

Wendy can also communicate with pets who have passed away.  All you need for this type of appointment is a picture of the animal.  

Animal Communication

Wendy speaks to your animal and figures out what they need mentally, spiritually and physically.  An animal communication session can be an extremely fun experience and also an extremely informative experience as Wendy can find the root cause of their behavior issues, health concerns and stressors.  Some people book this to just for fun, to "chat" with their companion. Some people book this to better figure out their pet's wants and needs, including nutrition.  Wendy is also extremely helpful and sensitive when the pet is sick or getting older and is starting to transition.

Many people have been comforted with an Animal Communication session with Wendy after their pet has passed away because Wendy communicates with the deceased pet and assures the pet's "people" that they are happy and free and communicate any last wishes.  However, just because the pet has moved on, doesn't mean that it has stopped having opinions about things that are going on at it's previous home. 


This appointment can be in-person, over the phone, or a video call.  If done remotely, you will need to text a picture of your animal to Wendy. 

wendy beloved soul healer animal communication

50 minutes @ $150

Animal Energy Healing

Using the information Wendy receives from the pet, their body an d their guides, Wendy is able to do the same kind of energy work that she does on people.  This type of work can help the animal's behavior, health, and well-being.

This appointment can be in-person, over the phone, or a video call.  If done remotely, you will need to text a picture of your animal to Wendy.


If you'd like Wendy to come to your location, please book a housecall appointment.  

wendy beloved soul healer animal energy healing

50 minutes @ $150

Animal Laser Treatment

wendy beloved soul healer animal laser treatment delta pro

The Delta Pro Laser combines the four radiances – infrared laser, color, magnetism, ultrasound – into one coherent and focused message to the body. It is a safe, non-toxic and non-invasive solution to serious pain, chronic illness and cellular regeneration.  Many have chosen to use this for their pet's injuries, including: ACL tears, broken vertebrae in horses, diabetes in horses, improved circulation in diabetic horses, mild infections in all animals, and much more.
Can be a regular appointment or an add-on.  

10 minutes @ $25


Amethyst Bio Mat is a mat that generates infrared healing and earth frequencies that sync the body to its natural and perfect state. It increases circulation, reduces stress and fatigue, removes toxins and relieves pain. This is excellent for dogs recovering from injury or surgery and for seniors.

Can be a regular appointment or an add-on.  

wendy beloved soul healer biomat

50 minutes @ $40

Bemer Go

The Bemer Go is a portable device that gently uses electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies that stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance. Uniquely, the BEMER device thereby temporarily increases local blood circulation issues due to diabetes and injuries.

Can be a regular appointment or an add-on.

10 minutes @ $20

wendy beloved soul healer bemer go


Wendy makes house calls to pets in the greater Denver area.  She charges a $100-$150 travel fee on top of her regular hourly rate.  Call or e-mail Wendy before booking this type of appointment to be sure that you are within a reasonable driving distance.

1 hour @ $200

wendy beloved soul healer house call
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