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Wendy’s Medical Intuitive sessions have been reported as nothing less than amazing and life-changing. 


She uses a practical, matter of fact approach to connect the dots that haven’t yet been connected and need to be. 


She will give you the whole picture of your health and this overview is from birth to death and extremely comprehensive.  As she works she will suggest an action plan that is tailored just for you. 


Action plans tend to consist of actions, supplements, thought forms, nutrition, and habits that are usually inexpensive, quick, and easy to plug into daily living.  Wendy sells nothing, so you can trust her integrity when she recommends anything. These are usually conducted in person.


She is able to do this through psychic connection to your higher self and spirit guides, through complex body readings, iridology, health palmistry, foot reading, face reading for health and destiny, and 33 years of experience. 


The information always seems to lead to “a-ha” moments for the recipient and frequently results in elimination of years of frustration. 


Many will come to Wendy when all other avenues have not produced results, and they are excited to finally understand the big picture of their life and all its connections and solutions.


A Medical Intuitive session is a game changer.  Fully empowering, you will understand why things are the way they are for you, now and in the past; and you will be able to be in control of your body and mind! 


You will be able to handle, with grace and ease, what is coming in the future as well!  You may see yourself in a different light that serves you more highly. 


These sessions generally take about an hour and a half and you will be glad that you had one! 



Office located in Northglenn, Colorado

(I-25 / 120th Ave)

Tel: 970-309-1061
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