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Psychic Services

Wendy finds so much joy in helping her clients reach their highest potential. Her psychic guidance comes from a deep soul level and unconditional love. Her clients find that the channeled message they receive from their spirit guides and angels provide extremely helpful and healing guidance. Take a look at all of the services Wendy offers  and start connecting with the outside universe today.

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Psychic Reading

wendy beloved soul healer psychic reading

A Psychic Reading with Wendy can be jaw dropping and inspiring at the same time.  Wendy was born with psychic skills and has always lived with them. 


In a Psychic Reading you can: 

  • Receive answers to any questions you have (i.e., relationships, money, career, disease, etc.) 

  • Learn and understand past lives and how they
    are effecting this life

  • Speak with the deceased

  • Get to know your Spirit Guides

  • Have dreams interpreted

  • Gain insight from your Akashic Records

  • Have things located that you have lost

  • And more...

Wendy is a natural channel and can work with entities who are of the Christed light and/or embrace the light and are of our highest good.

This service can be done virtually or in-person!

50 minutes @ $200

25 minutes @ $100 (Only available for returning clients.)

(FULL) Soul Healing

Described as awe-inspiring and life-changing by those who experience it, Wendy was blessed enough to channel this type of energy work. It will completely eliminate anything and everything that you do not want in your life. It will bring in any and all situations, emotions, and physical items that you do want in your life and which are on your karmic path. All of this results in your highest good and manifestation of your soul purpose on this planet. It is truly amazing!

This service can be done virtually or in-person,

includes a life expectations session!

2 hours @ $1,000

wendy beloved soul healer healing

(PARTIAL) Soul Healing

Allow Wendy to channel this beautiful energy work to completely eliminate anything and everything that you do not want in your life.  Let go of what no longer serves you and make space for the new and better things to come!

This service can be done virtually or in-person!

1 hour 30 minutes @ $600

Tune-Up Soul Healing

Already had a Soul Healing but need a "tune-up?"  Now offering this service to clients who have already had a Soul Healing.  It's shorter (and cheaper) as we revisit why you might be experiencing "blocks" in your energy, manifesting, or even your emotions after an initial Soul Healing.

ONLY AVAILABLE if you've already had a full Soul Healing

This service can be done virtually or in-person! 

50 min @ $300

wendy beloved soul healer energy healing

Energy Healing / Reiki

Reiki - Japanese energy work – Soothes the nervous system and helps to calm painful areas of the body.

Tibetan Seichim - This energy work hails from Tibet and is extremely useful for shielding unwanted energies and emotion, and general life negativity, while assisting in bringing in more positive situations.


This service can be done virtually or in-person!

25 minutes @ $60

DNA Coding

DNA Coding is essentially the reprogramming of your DNA.  This can completely restructure your life force and redirect your DNA. It is very helpful with mystery illnesses or “big” illnesses, money issues, clarity about your life, and God consciousness.

This service can be done virtually or in-person!

25 minutes @ $85

Image by Alexander Sinn

House Clearing and Blessing

This service includes a full clearing of the house and its consciousness, the clearing of any and all things coming to and from the house (plumbing, cable, water, electrical, etc.) along with the roof and air within and around the house.  She also clears the land, its consciousness, and its last 1,000 years of history. Additionally, laylines, portals, vortexes and wormholes present in the area are cleared, closed (if necessary) and smoothed.

After the clearing, the property and all its components, as well as the houses residents receive a blessing. The house blessing is of unconditional love as well as a raise in the consciousness (and vibration) of the property, house and the individuals residing there. Then a protective field is placed around the house, property, and in each of the individual rooms. 

*Real estate agents sometimes use this to sell properties that won't sell.

*Families utilize this process to mend riffs and get along better.

*Individuals ask for this to help their family sleep better and to have a greater sense of harmony within the home.

*Homeowners use this to help the neighborhood to have more peace and harmony.

Grey House

This service can be done virtually or in-person!

Virtually: $600.

In-Person Prices Start at $900 & Vary By Location
Call Wendy for Pricing: #970-309-1061

Foot, Palm and Face Reading

Folks come from far and wide to have their feet read by Wendy.  This is a delightful experience that leaves many astonished!  Health, wealth, ancestral patterns, and life archetype, all can be seen from the feet!


Wendy’s face reading for personality, health and destiny is astounding!  Bring her pictures of someone and she can describe that person like an old family friend.  Bring yourself and you will know all!


Palm reading is essential to know all of your capabilities, including your hidden talents and skills.  It is also worthwhile to know how compatible you are with your partner, coworker, and family members, where the pitfalls will be and how to get through them! 

This and so much more can be seen through a foot, face, and/or palm reading! 

wendy beloved soul healer foot face palm reading

45 minutes @ $100

Radical Energy Clearing (Exorcism)

Holding Hands

This is the practice of evicting foreign energies or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that is believed to be possessed.

After Wendy removes the unwanted energy, Wendy fills the newly-emptied space with the highest vibrating Source energy and Unconditional Love of the universe.  She also establishes a protective field to keep that which has been removed from coming back.


Can be done in-person or virtually to people and places. 

Prices Vary on a Case-to-Case Basis Starting at $1000
Call Wendy for Pricing: #970-309-1061

Teaching Session

Teaching Sessions - Students - use the button to self-schedule your sessions with Wendy.

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