Psychic Readings


A Psychic Reading with Wendy can be jaw dropping and inspiring at the same time.  Wendy was born with psychic skills and has always lived with them.  They are second nature to her.  She has been reading for folks for 33 years. As such, her perspective is uniquely timeless.  A Psychic Reading can be in person, over the phone, or via Skype.


In a Psychic Reading you can: Receive answers to any current questions you have. 


Want to know why you have a specific problem or circumstance? 

Would you like to know what is coming in the future? 

Will the money you need come when you need it? 

Do you need a plan of strategy to better bring in that money? 

Is your new love the one? 

Do you need to look in a different place for love? 

If so, where? 

What, if anything, is wrong with the car? 

Is my companion honest about this? 


These are examples of questions people ask.     


Learn and understand about past lives, in-between lives, and future lives, as well as your relationships that stem from these lives.  This can include relationships with others, yourself, and the earth. 


Wendy can access Akashic records if need be.  Akashic records are the records of every life you have had, or will ever live, on this planet or any other.  Further, she can renegotiate contracts with the universe, the earth, those around you, and your tribe, to reconstruct this lifetime into something more positive for you.


Meet and greet your spirit guides and come to know who they are, where they are from, where you are from, how you know them, why you are in each other’s lives, and how to have conversations with them on your own. 


As a Medium, Wendy can speak with those who have passed, ancestors, descendants, animals, land, property, houses, vehicles, and energy vortexes.


Wendy is a natural Channel and can work with entities who are of the light and/or embrace the light and are of our highest good.


Enjoy a Psychic Reading with Wendy and you will be delighted!



Office located in Northglenn, Colorado

(I-25 / 120th Ave)

Tel: 970-309-1061
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