Reflexology is an ancient healing modality that has proven to heal the body for thousands of years.  10,000-year-old hieroglyphics in Egypt depict Reflexology being practiced, and it has an 8,000-year-old written history in China.  Ideally you want a healing system that has been proven to work on more than one continent for more than a thousand years and Reflexology fits that bill. 


The entire body is a map on the foot, right side up, upside down, and inside out.  There are two points on each foot that correspond to each point on the body.  When you work them in a Reflexology session in the correct order, in the correct direction, and with the correct pressure, you can achieve phenomenal results in the body and almost anything is possible.  One can calm and soothe the body or even help it to sleep, speed it up (as in metabolism and energy), clean it out, build it up, help balance the hormones, help detox the organs, relax the muscles, relieve pain, help align the spine, help it to make any necessary adjustments, and help with many, many conditions.  Furthermore, the brain can breathe through the feet and Reflexology is especially handy to help with brain conditions. 


Reflexology can combine well to heal and help the body with chiropractic, massage, and dental work.  Some people use it to prep for surgeries, and for recovery, while some use it to help with midwifery, cranial sacral work, body alignment, and so much more!


In a typical session, which is about an hour, you stay dressed and you sit in a LaFuma lounge chair.  Wendy will read your feet and let you know what she sees.  Any corrections that require changes at home, along with an action plan are discussed.  Then the bodywork begins!  The first half of the session is dry, without lotion.  She is working the body globally during this part of the session and she wants to work every single point of the maps on your feet without sliding off.  This is when the smiling begins!

In the second half of the session, lotion that has tea tree oil added into it is used.  This helps to clear unwanted bacteria, as well as providing a gliding base to break up crystals in the feet.  Because environmental toxins and gravity happen, the body frequently creates crystals of unneeded substances in your feet, and it is important to break these up and flush them out of the body.  Additionally, in the second half of the session, all muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones are checked to see if they are in place, awake, and working, -preferably as a team.  Anything that prevents the smooth operation of your feet is broken up, and the feet are realigned. The body is then encouraged to flush out the unneeded strata.  Stretching and creation of new muscle memory occur throughout this delightful experience.  The session ends with a grounding and

Many people report that they feel like they are walking on air after a session and for days afterwards.  Some say that their feet look straighter and feel more alive.  

Another wonderful offering at Beloved Soul Healer is foot structure correction.  You can have relief from the pain of bunions, hammer toes, claw feet, and structural anomalies.  This is accomplished through working with the foot with reflexology, castor oil packs, tissue talking, and ultrasound therapy. 



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