Introducing My “Love-Letters”

This is my first ever newsletter, which I am referring to as a “love-letter”, and I am so delighted to share with you! Out of respect for your time and busy schedule, I will keep this brief but hopefully informative!

Here is the most important information that I can share today:

If you have nothing else in life, you have love. This includes Love for yourself, for your partner, family, friends, animals, ideals, purposes, and the world at large. As a human, you are entirely built for love in all forms. This always starts with yourself! If you can love yourself, you can love others more fully. How do we grow love? Here are a couple very easy ways to do this: Write “I love myself” on several index cards, post it notes, or whatever you have handy, and place them on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, your steering wheel center, your nightstand, your monitor, and any place else that you may frequent or any other direction you may glance consistently. This simple method can change your subconscious outlook in 30 days or less! I recommend you leave these up for 3 to 6 months to make deeper changes.

Love can also affect the immune system. Another easy way to receive and give love more is to write the word “LOVE” on your water bottle, glass, or pitcher. Clear glass or plastic containers work best for this exercise. You can write this in any language, and this WILL WORK. The word love actually restructures the water to create more health and happiness in your body at a cellular level. For those of you who like to do research, here is a 6 minute video on youtube that demonstrate this:

If you prefer to read about this, the book “Hidden Messages In Water” by Masaru Emoto is a very good one.

Beloved Blessings to You!


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