Supplements to Boost Your Immune System

Rumor has it ? that we are in a pandemic, so I would like to give you a list of health supplements that you can purchase and have on hand to boost your immune system.

These seem to work for most of the folks that utilize them so the chances are good that they will help to keep you healthy. This is what I keep on hand at all times in our home for if/when we get sick. Remember that there is no substitute for seeing the doctor and getting his/her advice, so if you need to, make sure to see yours!

Any brand of the following can work:

L-Lysine – an amino acid found in corn and other things that is reported to kill viruses on contact

Monolaurin – another compound, usually from coconut that is reported to kill viruses on contact

Colostrum – can help build the immune system through the gut

Quercetin – helps with inflammation in the body

Serrapeptase – an enzyme that may assist with removing mucus from the lungs and sinuses

These need to be the exact brand listed:

Enzymedica MucoStop – a combination of enzymes that assists with reducing mucus in the body

Visbiome – a medical grade probiotic that rebalances the gut and improves immune and other functions in the body

These are listed on the internet as possibly unsafe for pregnant or nursing mothers, they are listed here because they can be so helpful:

NutriBiotic Defense Plus – this may help some with secondary bacterial infection, has wormwood in it

Medi-Herb Andrographis Complex – approaches immunity in an alternative way

Enzymatic Therapy Air-Power – this has guaifenesin to help the body release mucus

Standard Process Immuplex – a well-rounded immune support with micronutrients and minerals

Boswellin – an extract of Frankincense that can be anti-inflammatory, the specific brand doesn’t matter

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at I would love to read them!

Beloved Blessings to You!


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